Powder Diffraction - Vol. 8 Number 2 - June 1993

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  • Editorial (73)
  • W. Pitschke, H. Hermann, and N. Mattern - The influence of surface roughness on diffracted X-ray intensities in Bragg-Brentano geometry and its effect on the structure determination by means of Rietveld analysis (74)
  • Ron Jenkins and J. A. Nicolosi - Design and use of a prototype long-wavelength powder diffractometer (84)
  • G. Berti - Variance and centroid optimization in X-ray powder diffraction analysis (89)
  • H. S. Shin and S. J. Kwon - X-ray powder diffraction patterns of two Y-type hexagonal ferrites (98)
  • Giuseppe Allegra and Sergio Bruckner - Crystallite-size distributions and diffraction line profiles near the peak maximum (102)
  • G. Bandoli, A. Ongaro, F. Lotto, and M. Rossi - Crystal data of Nitrofurantoin C8H6N4O5 (107)
  • Dhanesh Chandra, Cynthia S. Day, and Charles S. Barrett - Low- and high-temperature structures of neopentylglycol plastic crystal (109)
  • Chi-Tang Li and William R. Albe - Development of an improved XRD sample holder (118)
  • Paul Predecki - Determination of depth profiles from X-ray diffraction data (122)
  • L. Gerward and J. Staun Olsen - Powder diffraction analysis of cerium dioxide at high pressure (127)
  • Ludvík Benes, Klára Richtrova, Jiri Votinský, Jaroslava Kalousová, and Viteslav Zima - Synthesis and powder data for [Mn(H2O)]0.25(VO)0.75PO4 · 2H2O (130)
  • R. M. A. Maayouf, H. -G. Brokmeier, M. K. Fayek, and S. Wöhlert - X-ray and neutron powder diffraction studies of NiFeGaO4 and ZnFeGaO4 (132)
  • International Reports (134)
  • Calendar of Meetings (134)
  • Cumulative Author Index (136)