Powder Diffraction - Vol. 9 Number 1 - March 1994

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  • Editorial (1)
  • D. B. Sullenger, J. S. Cantrell, and T. A. Beiter - X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns of Energetic Materials (2)
  • M. Dolores Marcos, Pedro Amorós, Daniel Beltrán, and Aurelio Beltrán - X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for Some Transition Metal Phosphites and Hypophosphites (15)
  • A. R. Ginting, B. H. O'Connor, and J. G. Dunn - X-ray Powder Data for Synthetic Dolerophanite, Copper(II) Oxysulphate [Cu2O(SO4)] (21)
  • D. P. Matheis and R. L. Snyder - X-ray Powder Diffraction Analysis of the Incommensurate Modulated Structure of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 (28)
  • Sampath S. Iyengar - High-Temperature X-ray Powder Diffraction Analysis of Selected Ceramic Mixtures (38)
  • Richard A. Vaia, Maura S.Weathers, and William A. Bassett - Anomalous Peaks in Grazing Incidence Thin Film X-ray Diffraction (44)
  • Benjamin L. Ballard, Paul K. Predecki, and Camden R. Hubbard - Residual Stresses in a SiC Whisker-Reinforced Alumina Composite by High-Temperature X-ray Diffraction (50)
  • M. Touboul, E. Bétourné, and B. Gérand - New X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for Lithium Tetrahydroxoborate LiB(OH)4 (54)
  • C. G. Lindsay, C. J. Rawn, and R. S. Roth - Powder X-ray Diffraction Data for Ba4ZnTi11O27 and Ba2ZnTi5O13 (56)
  • G. Artioli, M. Bellotto, and B. Palosz - High-Temperature in situ Rietveld Study of Fe,Mg Cation Partitioning in Olivine (63)
  • Paolo Ballirano, Adriana Maras, Peter R. Buseck, Su Wang, and Ann M. Yates - Improved Powder X-ray Data for Cancrinites I: Afghanite (68)
  • International Report (74)
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