Powder Diffraction - Vol. 9 Number 3 - September 1994

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  • Mark Holomany - Editorial: Internet services for powder diffractionists (156)
  • A. Álvarez-Larena, E. Estop, J. Rodríguez-Romero, E. Tauler, and X. Alcobé - Crystal Data and Powder Diffraction Data for p-Iodotoluene at 293 K (156)
  • Zhengmin Fu and Wenxiu Li- Crystal Structure of a New Compound Li2Mg2(WO4)3 (158)
  • M. I. Arriortua, M. Insausti, R. Cortés, and J. I. R. Larramendi - Crystal Data for [Cu(LIII)XY] · nH2O compounds [LIII=pymep, terpy; X=I, N3; Y=I, NO3, PF6; n=0,1] (161)
  • Brendan J. Kennedy - X-ray Powder Diffraction Study of BiSbO4 (164)
  • P. van der Sluis - Peaks in the Background from Single-Crystal Substrates Measured with Parallel Beam Optics (168)
  • S. T. Misture, L. R. Chatfield, and R. L. Snyder - Accurate Fully Automated Powder Diffraction Data Using Zero-Background Sample Holders (172)
  • P. Scardi, L. Lutterotti, and P. Maistrelli - Experimental Determination of the Instrumental Broadening in the Bragg-Brentano Geometry (180)
  • Hee-Lack Choi, Naoya Enomoto, Nobuo Ishizawa, and Zenbe-e Nakagawa - X-ray Diffraction Data of Ti2O2(C2O4)(OH)2 · H2O (187)
  • A. M. Wims and C. D. Fuerst - X-ray Powder Data for Nd2Co14B, Pr2Co14B and Pr2Fe14B (189)
  • Hoong-Kun Fun, Ping Yang, Rusli Othman, Tsong-Jen Lee, Chiou-Chu Lai, and Huan-Chiu Ku - Structure of TlSr2PrCu2O7-x by Rietveld Analysis (194)
  • Michael O. Eatough and Terry L. Aselage - X-ray for the Superconducting Phase TlBa2Ca2Cu3O9-delta Diffraction Data (200)
  • A. Chrysanthou and N. Hassine - The Observation and Crystal Structure of Titanium Oxycarbonitride (202)
  • Claudia Weidenthaler, Reinhard X. Fischer, and Robert D. Shannon - Pitfalls in the Powder Diffraction Analysis of Zeolites ZSM-5 and ZSM-8 (204)
  • J. Valkonen, P. Perkkalainen, I. Pitkänen, and H. Rautiainen - X-ray Powder Diffraction Pattern for Lactitol and Lactitol Monohydrate (213)
  • Sampath S. Iyengar and Simona Percec - Rietveld Analysis of High-Density Polyethylene (217)
  • International Report (221)
    • Calendar of Meetings (221)
    • Book Reviews (221)
    • Computer Comments (222)
    • Cumulative Author Index (227)