Powder Diffraction - Vol. 9 Number 4 - December 1994

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  • Deane K. Smith - Editorial: Good-Bye Old Friends (229)
  • Richard N. Rose - Sigmund Weissmann Pioneering X-ray Crystallographer: From insights into the "pathology of structure" (lattice defects) and physical metallurgy came one of the first laboratories for Materials Science - and a life-long association with the PDF (230)
  • P. L. Wallace, S. Weissmann, M. H. Mueller, L. D. Calvert, and R. Jenkins - The New ICDD Metals and Alloys Indexes: Usefulness and Potentialities (239)
  • Karimat El-Sayed and Z. K. Heiba - Quantitative Phase Analysis from X-ray Powder Diffraction Data Using a Two-Stage Method (246)
  • E. A. Judson, D. N. Hill, R. A. Young, J. R. Cagle,W. J. Lackey, W. B. Carter, and E. K. Barefield - An Analysis of Preferred Orientation in YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconducting Films Deposited by CVD on Single-Crystal and Polycrystalline Substrates (250)
  • Fengchao Liu - Influence of Thermal Expansion on the Lattice Parameter of Silicon (260)
  • C. L. Lengauer, G. Giester, and E. Irran - KCr3(SO4)2(OH)6: Synthesis, Characterization, Powder Diffraction Data, and Structure Refinement by the Rietveld Technique and a Compilation of Alunite-Type Compounds (265)
  • H. Toraya and T. Ochiai - Refinement of Unit-Cell Parameters by Whole-Powder-Pattern Fitting Technique (272)
  • Winnie Wong-Ng and Lawrence P. Cook - A Review of the Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry of Compounds in the BaO-CuOx System (280)
  • International Report (290)
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  • Volume 9, 1994 - Contents (292)
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    • Summary of the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (294)
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