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Using the Powder Diffraction File
These Getting Started Tools are applicable to all the PDF databases.

starNew Features for Release 2016

Set up User Preferences

Importing Data into the PDF

Sort, Order and Graph Data

Effectively use subfiles

Use chemical and structural classifications

Data Mine

Combine Searches

Evaluate reference quality


starQuantitative Analysis: Reference Intensity Ratio

Using Similarity Indexes, Integral Index


Data Mining - Trace Phase Analysis by Dr. James Kaduk

Data Mining - Nonstoichiometric Oxides Example

Data Mining - Solid Solution Example

Advanced Identification Tools

Crystallite Size and Crystallinity

Crystallite Size Analysis - Nanomaterials - by Professor Paolo Scardi and Dr. Matteo Leoni


Non-Ambient Data - (Draft / Under Review)

Electron Diffraction

starElectron Diffraction Search Strategies


Materials Analysis

How to Analyze Materials



starHow to Analyze Drugs

For more pharmaceutical capabilities, see PDF-4/Organics


starHow to Analyze Minerals - Fundamentals

How to Analyze Minerals - Advanced

Metals and Alloys

Learn to identify possible prototype structure types for an unknown material and/or compare isotypical phases, their lattice parameters and chemistries.

Estimating the Pearson Symbol Code given the composition, unit cell, d/I list and hkl's

Constructing and Using Pearson Symbol Codes – Example 1 – hP7

Constructing and Using Pearson Symbol Codes – Example 2 – hP20 to hP22

Constructing and Using Pearson Symbol Codes – Example 3 – mC16 to mC20


starHow to Analyze Polymers

starUse PDF-2 Database

Identification - PDF-2 SIeve

starUse PDF-4 Database

Identification - PDF-4 SIeve+

WebPDF-4+ 2015

Perform pattern simulations

Use 2D patterns

Use and display molecular graphics

Using 3D Structure Graphics with PDF-4 Databases

starHow to Analyze Drugs

Using Organics Subfiles

Polymorph Analysis

Organics Results - Formulation Analyses

Data Mining - Resolving Pharmaceutical Polymorphic Perplexities

starXRF and SEM-EDS