Electron Diffraction

The Powder Diffraction File™ has many tools useful for the analysis of electron diffraction data. These tools are described in this section.  In general, electron diffraction has not been as accurate in the determination of d-spacings due to a number of physical constraints within conventional electron microscopes. However the loss of resolution and accuracy is usually compensated by the ability to focus on a few grains of material and the frequent use of accompanying elemental (EDS) data. As a result, while similarities exist, the methods and techniques of analysis using electron diffraction data are often different, yet complimentary. Due to its micro analytical capability electron diffraction has often been compared to the analysis of a tree, while bulk analysis by X-ray diffraction is compared to an analysis of the forest. The PDF-4™ databases can do spot, ring and EBSD pattern analyses.

Electron Diffraction

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electron diffraction

Users' experimental spot pattern (white spots) and graphical overlay of ED simulation of phase match from PDF-4+ (red spots). (Each simulation is interactive allowing dynamic updates to patterns by simply adjusting parameters such as zone axes, camera length, and electron voltage.)


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Technical Bulletin


Tools for Electron Diffraction Pattern Simulation for the Powder Diffraction File - Joel Reid, David Crane, Justin Blanton, Cyrus Crowder, Soorya Kabekkodu, and Tim Fawcett

The Powder Diffraction File (PDF): A Relational Database For Electron Diffraction - John Faber, Tim Fawcett, and Raymond Goehner