These tutorials are specific to various material classes. In general these tutorials were developed in cooperation with ICDD member scientists and field experts in the ICDD’s technical subcommittees. Overall these tutorials outline general analysis techniques. For polymers, clay minerals, and pharmaceuticals the tutorials demonstrate select capabilities in the PDF-4 databases which include full experimental digital patterns of non-crystalline materials, a unique feature of these databases.  

Materials Analysis

How to Analyze Materials

如何分析材料E (Chinese translation)

Metals and Alloys

Learn to identify possible prototype structure types for an unknown material and/or compare isotypical phases, their lattice parameters and chemistries.

Estimating the Pearson Symbol Code given the composition, unit cell, d/I list and hkl's

Constructing and Using Pearson Symbol Codes – hP7

Constructing and Using Pearson Symbol Codes – hP20 to hP22

Constructing and Using Pearson Symbol Codes – mC16 to mC20


starHow to Analyze Minerals - Fundamentals

How to Analyze Minerals - Advanced


starHow to Analyze Drugs

For more pharmaceutical capabilities, see PDF-4/Organics


starHow to Analyze Polymers



Modulated Structures



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