Metals and Alloys Resources - References and Reference Tables


Reference Tables

  • Atomic Volumes – A table useful for estimating the unit cell contents for metallic compounds with close packing of atoms.  This table is also used in calculating Pearson Symbol codes.

  • General Reflection Conditions for Crystal Systems – A table with many uses, including calculating Pearson Symbol codes.

  • Elemental Electronegativity Table – A table useful for determining the elemental order in LPF prototype structure nomenclature.

  • LPF Prototype Translation Table for Metallic Structures – This table cross-references prototype structures expressed as empirical formulae to those used by the LPF.  The table is limited to prototype structures applied to Metals and Alloys Subfile entries.

    This is version 2.2 of the LPF Prototype Translation Tables.
    In this version,
    1.  The tabs labeled "Space Group Index" and "Alphabetical Formula Index" have been removed.  [These sections have not been updated since they were received in 2008.]
    2.  The remaining tab is labeled "Prototype Translation Matrix" and has been found to be the most useful one.
    3.  The user may sort or search the remaining tab to get the information contained in the removed tabs.