Metals and Alloys Resources - Working Group


  • Reviewing and updating the Metals and Alloys Subfile,

  • Assigning prototype structures and Wyckoff sequences whenever possible,

  • Converting Metals and Alloys formulae and prototype-structure nomenclature to that of the Linus Pauling File (LPF),

  • Editing using the Pearson Symbol Code Index (PSCI),

  • Developing editing tools, and

  • Providing content for and maintaining the Metals and Alloys Subcommittee web page.

J. Dann, C. Foris, C. Hubbard, T. Kahmer, M. Kottenhahn, E. Ryba, H. Jones, A. Roberts, and P. Wallace (Chair)


Working Group Notes:

Working Group Notes after October 2004 are in the Metals and Alloys Subcommittee Minutes.

Recent work by the Metals and Alloys has led to the development of prototype structure profiles.