ICDD Technical Committees


Material Subcommittees
Ceramics Chairman - Peter Zavalij
Metals and Alloys
Metals and Alloys Web Area
Chairman - Peter Wallace
Micro and Meso Chairman - Scott Speakman
Minerals Chairman - James Kaduk
Organic and Pharmaceutical Chairman - Fred Wireko
Polymers Chairman - Lizhi Liu
Characterization Methods Subcommittees
Electron Diffraction Chairman - Bryan Wheaton
Non-Ambient Diffraction Chairman - Andrew Payzant
Synchrotron & Neutron Scattering Methods Chairman - Matthew Suchomel
X-ray Diffraction Methods Chairman - Robert Papoular
X-ray Fluorescence Chairman - Mark Rodriguez
ICDD Activities Subcommittees
Education Chairman - Carlo Segre
PDF Editorial Staff Chairman - Soorya Kabekkodu