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Education Subcommittee Members - Carlo Segre, Chairman
The Education Subcommittee shall be responsible for developing educational materials, implementing workshops, audio-visual programs, and special sessions at meetings concerned with the acquisition and utilization of diffraction data with emphasis on the PDF and its manual and automated search/match systems. Also, it encourages the teaching of powder diffraction methods in educational institutions.

The Education Subcommittee will be responsible for assembling information about X-ray safety and providing lists and links regarding software tools for powder diffraction and X-ray fluorescence.

Magdalena Aflori   
Aderemi Alabi   
Ghulam Ali  Student Affiliate
John Anzelmo   
Prabeer Barpanda   
Tom Blanton ICDD Executive Director/ICDD Principal Scientist 
Elena Boldyreva   
Habib Boughzala   
Alina Bruma   
Xiaolong Chen Vice Chairman/Regional Co-Chair - ChinaLiaison
Cyrus Crowder   
Graciela C. D.  de Delgado Grant-in-Aid Committee Chair 
Jose Miguel Delgado Regional Co-Chair - South America/LRP Chair 
Evgeny Dikarev   
Saliou Diouf   
David Dodoo-Arhin   
Martin Donakowski  Student Affiliate
Amin El-Meligi   
John Faber   
Timothy Fawcett   
Yang Gan   
Stacy Gates-Rector ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Amy Gindhart ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Liwei Guo   
Curt Haltiwanger  Non-Voting
Lorraine Hatherley   
George Havrilla   
Gerald G. Johnson, Jr.   
Howard Jones   
Golnaz Jozanikohan   
Soorya Kabekkodu ICDD Editor-in-Chief/PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Chair 
James Kaduk Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair/Bud. & Strat. Rev. Sub. 
Walter Kalceff   
Wang Hay Kan  Student Affiliate
Ashraf Khan   
Giora Kimmel   
Albertus (Bert) Kinneging   
Nikolaos Kourkoumelis   
Kris Kozacek   
Matteo Leoni Chairman/Reg. Co-Chair - Europe/Meeting Support Chair 
Eduard Levin  Student Affiliate
Libing Liao   
Milton Lima   
Cora Lind-Kovacs   
Theresa Maguire Corporate Secretary/ICDD Manager Conference ServicesNon-Voting
Javier Martnez   
Gift Mehlana  Student Affiliate
Thomasin Miller   
Samir Osman Mohammed   
Vjera Novosel-Radovic   
Brian O'Connor   
Silvina Pagola   
Chan Park   
Herbert Poellmann   
Suminar Pratapa   
Thomas Proffen   
Susan Quick Scholarship Committee Chair 
Mark Raven   
Mark Rodriguez Tech Com. Chair/XRF Chair/Regional Co-Chair - N. America 
Massimo Rogante   
Clayton Ruud   
Earle Ryba   
Paolo Scardi   
Carlo Segre Education Subcommittee Chair 
Yogendra Kumar Sharma   
Bo Song   
Leah Squires   
Leopoldo Suescun   
David Taylor Marketing Subcommittee Chair 
Robert Toro   
Thanh Thao Tran  Student Affiliate
Tamas Ungar   
R. Vasudevan   
Wanyan Wang   
Craig Williams   
Xinkan Yao   
Shawn Yin   
Wenxia Yuan   
Peter Zavalij   
Shao-Liang Zheng