ICDD Technical Committees

Metals and Alloys Subcommittee - Peter Wallace, Chair
The Metals and Alloys Subcommittee shall be responsible for (1) assuring that the Metals and Alloys subfile meets present and future needs of metallurgists and materials scientists; (2) developing and updating the Metals and Alloys subfile; (3) editing metals and alloys data and products to ensure a high standard of quality; (4) extending the coverage and usefulness of the Metals and Alloys subfile; and (5) maintaining a web page to communicate with members and other materials scientists.

Ghulam Ali  Student Affiliate
Noureddine Anibou   
Evgeny Antipov Regional Co-Chair - NIS 
Davor Balzar   
Bohdana Belan   
Rached Ben Hassen   
Patricia Benard-Rocherulle   
Justin Blanton ICDD Manager of Engineering & DesignNon-Voting
Tom Blanton ICDD Executive Director/ICDD Principal Scientist 
Vladislav Blatov   
Vesna Bosnic ICDD Senior Database Programmer/Editorial CoordinatorNon-Voting
Habib Boughzala   
Alina Bruma   
Harlan Clark   
Qingzhou Cui   
Antonio DiNunno   
Saliou Diouf   
Mohamed Ellouze   
Amin El-Meligi   
Thomas Ely   
Timothy Fawcett   
C. Foris   
Stacy Gates-Rector ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Ralph Gilles   
Amy Gindhart ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Olivier Gourdon   
Biserka Grzeta   
Wei He   
Camden Hubbard   
Wolfgang Jeitschko   
Gerald G. Johnson, Jr.   
Howard Jones   
Soorya Kabekkodu ICDD Editor-in-Chief/PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Chair 
James Kaduk Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair/Bud. & Strat. Rev. Sub. 
Theresa Kahmer   
Ashraf Khan   
Giora Kimmel   
Danny King   
Lisa Lanno ICDD PDF AssociateNon-Voting
Matteo Leoni Chairman/Reg. Co-Chair - Europe/Meeting Support Chair 
Eduard Levin  Student Affiliate
Milton Lima   
Zhenhong Mai   
Larry Martin   
Luis Martinez   
William Mayo   
Ismail Cevdet Noyan   
Andrew Payzant Director-at-Large/Non-Ambient Diffraction Subcommittee ChairLiaison
Davide Proserpio   
M.V. Reddy   
Andrew Roberts Minerals Subcommittee Chair 
Mark Rodriguez Tech Com. Chair/XRF Chair/Regional Co-Chair - N. America 
Massimo Rogante   
Clayton Ruud   
Earle Ryba   
Rajendra Sadangi   
Diane Sagnella ICDD Senior Scientific ProgrammerNon-Voting
Yogendra Kumar Sharma   
Lei Shi   
Husin Sitepu   
Dhamardoss Sornadurai   
Leah Squires   
Thanh Thao Tran  Student Affiliate
Tamas Ungar   
R. Vasudevan   
Nenad  Velisavljevic   
Peter Wallace Metals & Alloys Subcommittee Chair 
Emilia Wolska   
Heng Yang  Student Affiliate
Wenxia Yuan   
Peter Zavalij   
Ihor Zavaliy   
Lingmin Zeng   
Yanming Zhao   
Weitao Zheng