ICDD Technical Committees

Micro and Meso Subcommittee - Cyrus Crowder, Chair
The Micro and Meso Subcommittee will identify systems in which ordered pores, channels, and/or cages on the nano, meso, or microscale are important in the diffraction and the performance of the material; and will identify how the ICDD and PDF can serve the scientific community by providing reference and resource material, by creating or adapting a formalized description of these materials, and contributing to techniques by which these materials can be characterized.


Davor Balzar   
Lawrence Bernstein   
Deu Bhange   
Justin Blanton ICDD Manager of Engineering & DesignNon-Voting
Tom Blanton ICDD Executive Director/ICDD Principal Scientist 
Vesna Bosnic ICDD Senior Database Programmer/Editorial CoordinatorNon-Voting
Michael Carr ICDD Scientific Editor IINon-Voting
Cyrus Crowder Micro and Meso Subcommittee Chair 
Graciela C. D.  de Delgado Grant-in-Aid Committee Chair 
Timothy Fawcett   
Yang Gan   
Stacy Gates-Rector ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Amy Gindhart ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Herbert E. Goebel   
George Havrilla   
Takashi Ida Director-at-Large/Regional Co-Chair - East Pacific Rim 
Soorya Kabekkodu ICDD Editor-in-Chief/PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Chair 
James Kaduk Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair/Bud. & Strat. Rev. Sub. 
Theresa Kahmer   
Aleksandar Kremenovic   
Yucheng Lan   
Lisa Lanno ICDD PDF AssociateNon-Voting
Matteo Leoni Chairman/Reg. Co-Chair - Europe/Meeting Support ChairLiaison
Daniel Louer   
Javier Martinez   
Jeffrey Nicolich   
Susan Quick Scholarship Committee Chair 
Mark Rodriguez Tech Com. Chair/XRF Chair/Regional Co-Chair - N. America 
Albert  Rohrman   
Christine Russell   
Clayton Ruud   
Diane Sagnella ICDD Senior Scientific ProgrammerNon-Voting
Paolo Scardi   
Dhamardoss Sornadurai   
Scott Speakman   
Alexander Ulyanenkov   
Tamas Ungar   
Dan Xie   
Shawn Yin   
Xiaobai Yu   
Shao-Liang Zheng