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Micro and Meso Subcommittee Members - Scott Speakman, Chairman
The Micro and Meso Subcommittee will identify systems in which ordered features on the nano, meso, or microscale are important in the diffraction and the performance of the material; and will identify how the ICDD and PDF can serve the scientific community by providing reference and resource material, by creating or adapting a formalized description of these materials, and contributing to techniques by which these materials can be characterized.


Davor Balzar   
Lawrence Bernstein   
Deu Bhange   
Justin Blanton ICDD Manager of Engineering & DesignNon-Voting
Tom Blanton ICDD Executive Director/ICDD Principal Scientist 
Vesna Bosnic ICDD Senior Database Programmer/Editorial CoordinatorNon-Voting
Michael Carr ICDD Scientific Editor IINon-Voting
Cyrus Crowder   
Graciela C. D.  de Delgado Grant-in-Aid Committee Chair 
Timothy Fawcett   
Yang Gan   
Stacy Gates-Rector ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Amy Gindhart ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Herbert E. Goebel   
Raymond Goehner   
George Havrilla   
Takashi Ida Director-at-Large/Regional Co-Chair - East Pacific Rim 
Soorya Kabekkodu ICDD Editor-in-Chief/PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Chair 
James Kaduk Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair/Bud. & Strat. Rev. Sub. 
Theresa Kahmer   
Aleksandar Kremenovic   
Yucheng Lan   
Lisa Lanno ICDD PDF AssociateNon-Voting
Matteo Leoni Chairman/Reg. Co-Chair - Europe/Meeting Support ChairLiaison
Daniel Louer   
Javier Martnez   
Jeffrey Nicolich   
Susan Quick Scholarship Committee Chair 
Mark Rodriguez Tech Com. Chair/XRF Chair/Regional Co-Chair - N. America 
Albert  Rohrman   
Lolita Rotkina  Non-Voting
Christine Russell   
Clayton Ruud   
Diane Sagnella ICDD Senior Scientific ProgrammerNon-Voting
Paolo Scardi   
Dhamardoss Sornadurai   
Scott Speakman Micro and Meso Subcommittee Chair 
Alexander Ulyanenkov   
Tamas Ungar   
Vedran Vukotic  Student Affiliate
Dan Xie   
Shawn Yin   
Shao-Liang Zheng