ICDD Technical Committees

Polymers Subcommittee - Lizhi Liu, Chair
Enable the polymer scattering/diffraction community to make the best use of diffraction/scattering data for analyzing polymeric materials. This includes producing data bases, promoting best practices for data analysis, campaigning the national laboratories and instrument manufacturers for polymer-friendly instrumentation and software, and educating the diffraction community about issues that have a special impact on polymer characterization, and the polymer community on the significance of careful and thorough evaluation of the diffraction data.

Magdalena Aflori   
Evgeny Antipov Regional Co-Chair - NIS 
Justin Blanton ICDD Manager of Engineering & DesignNon-Voting
Tom Blanton ICDD Executive Director/ICDD Principal Scientist 
Vladislav Blatov   
Michael Carr ICDD Scientific Editor IINon-Voting
Jeffrey Deschamps   
Timothy Fawcett   
Stacy Gates-Rector ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Amy Gindhart ICDD Senior Scientific EditorNon-Voting
Martina Hribova   
Soorya Kabekkodu ICDD Editor-in-Chief/PDF Editorial Staff Subcommittee Chair 
James Kaduk Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair/Bud. & Strat. Rev. Sub.Liaison
Danny King   
Siwei Leng   
Matteo Leoni Chairman/Reg. Co-Chair - Europe/Meeting Support Chair 
Lizhi Liu Polymers Subcommittee Chair 
Samir Osman Mohammed   
Sanjeeva Murthy   
Davide Proserpio   
Pierre Ricou   
Mark Rodriguez Tech Com. Chair/XRF Chair/Regional Co-Chair - N. America 
Diane Sagnella ICDD Senior Scientific ProgrammerNon-Voting
Seema Thakral   
Fred Wireko Organic & Pharmaceutical Subcommittee Chair 
Shawn Yin