Welcome to the ICDD Web Submission Page for Genie

This is the place for online submission of your powder diffraction data*
for ultimate inclusion in the world's number one diffraction data database,
the Powder Diffraction File (PDF)®.

Clicking the link below will start the process.
This involves the download of the web submission application onto your computer and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 1.8.0_161


*Priority is placed on new data for phases which are not now represented in the Powder Diffraction File (PDF), but which are likely to be of considerable interest to present and future PDF users. Special consideration will also be given to classes of substances of high current interest, including new types of materials which have significance in industrial and research applications.


As always, we appreciate receiving your feedback and submissions.
Please email us at genie@icdd.com


Launch Web Submission Application!
Note:The launch may take several seconds







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