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The getting started tutorials are a series of fundamental tutorials about materials analysis and the use of the Powder Diffraction File™. The Powder Diffraction File is a materials analysis system that can be used as a “stand-alone” analysis system or as interfaced with dozens of software analysis systems. Use of the Powder Diffraction File is driven by software embedded in all PDF® databases, which enables users to perform basic analyses and data mining. To access this software, you simply need to open your PDF database.

Video Tutorials

Database Driven Materials Characterization and Discovery Using Powder Diffraction File Databases

“It’s not just a powder database;
it’s a materials characterization database.”

ICDD’s Executive Director, Tom Blanton describes the history of the Powder Diffraction File and explains several PDF entries’ properties. Learn about other opportunities from ICDD.

This presentation was given virtually in 2020 at The Conference and School for Young Scientists High-temperature X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Diffraction of Nanomaterials (HTXRD-4).

PDF-4+ 2021 Demonstration

ICDD’s Manager of Engineering and Design, Justin Blanton takes you through the new features of PDF-4+ 2021 focusing on its data-mining capacity and phase identification. This demonstration was given at the Virtual Denver X-ray Conference 2020.

Whole Pattern Matching

How to perform whole pattern matching – comparing imported experimental data to simulated diffraction patterns in the database or (if applicable) raw diffraction patterns in the database.


Learn about the new features of Selected Area Pattern Simulations (SAED) in the PDF-4+ 2021. These electron diffraction simulations are useful in confirming phase identity, crystalline orientation, and crystalline symmetry.

Sorting on Multiple Columns

Sorting on multiple columns of data is a new feature of PDF-4+ 2021.

Plotting Temperature Series

Learn how to plot a temperature series and how to plot two sets of data on one graph – a new feature in PDF-4+ 2021.

Phase Identification of 2D Data

How to import two-dimensional diffraction data into SIeve+ for phase identification.

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