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New Capabilities for 2022

To enhance the value of the PDF® Databases, ICDD has incorporated many new developments for the 2022 product release. Every year, we listen to our customers to create a better product for you. Below are just some of the many value-added developments designed to make the ICDD products more functional and powerful for 2022.

Enhanced User-Created Graphs

  • Single or dual Y-axis plots
  • Customize the size, shape, and color of graph data points for publication use

Importing Diffraction Data (SIeve+)

  • New supported file types: Thermo-Fisher *.txl files (1D diffraction patterns)
  • ESRF *.edf files: 2D diffraction patterns
  • Enhance contrast of imported 2D images (*.jpg, *.png, *.tiff)
  • Optimized importing files over a network

PDF-4 SAED Extension

  • Import images and apply image processing options
  • Simulation of freely rotatable SAED patterns from Structures
  • Synchronized Structure Display and Stereographic Projection
  • Searchable Reflection List with Absences
  • Measurement Tools: Scalebar, Ruler, Protractor, Indexing Grid
  • Measure Distances and Angles of clicked spots

Drop-Down Menu of Recent Search Input


  • Easily re-populate search input from any past search using a new drop-down menu
  • Save time by no longer having to re-enter search input
  • Drop-down menu contains full search description and number of hits

Drop-Down Menu of Recent Search Results

  • Quickly toggle between previous search results using a new drop-down menu
  • Drop-down menu contains full search description and number of hits

Phase ID (SIeve+)

  • Easily open previous SIeve+ session files and imported data files using new drop-down menu
  • Drop-down menu displays a preview of the accepted phases and their wt%
  • All SIeve+ sessions are supported
    • X-ray diffraction analysis
    • Neutron diffraction analysis
      • Constant wavelength
      • Time-of-flight
    • Electron diffraction analysis
    • 1D and 2D diffraction patterns
  • Dynamically change simulation settings in the Adjust Phases window
  • Lock the wt% of a specific phase (as an internal standard) for RIR analysis
    • Using standard addition or XRF data
    • Unknown/amorphous wt% will be calculated and displayed
  • User-modified values are highlighted in red
  • Reset button allows the user to reset all changes
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