New Capabilities for 2024

To enhance the value of the PDF® Databases, ICDD has incorporated many new developments for the 2024 product release. Every year, we listen to our customers to create a better product for you. Below are just some of the many value-added developments designed to make the ICDD products more functional and powerful for 2024.

New Formula Fields

Formula Fields

Ideal Formula: Describes the general chemistry of the compound, especially in cases of minerals and solid solutions. Minor substituents or variations may be ignored in this representation.

Analytical Formula: Based on experimental elemental analysis, such as XRF and microprobe analysis. This formula is descriptive and represents a composition derived based on experimental measurements.

Optimized Element Searches

Optimized Element Searches

PDF Card Features

PDF Card Features
  • New arrow buttons allow the user to quickly traverse through the search results table
    • Mouse wheel option

Graphing Features


Graphing Features
  • Automatic vertical zooming
  • Gradient color fill option
  • Raw data (PD3 patterns) in search results*
  • Diffraction pattern preview when dragging and dropping*

*Only available in PDF-4 and PDF-5+ databases

2D Structure Templates*

2D Structure Template
  • Used for 2D structure and substructure searches
  • 200 templates available
  • Use as starting structure or complete structure
  • Search by template name

*Only available in PDF-5+ databases

3D Structure Features

3D Structure Features
  • Export 3D structure animation to a GIF file*

*Only available in PDF-4 and PDF-5+ databases

SAED Simulation Features

SAED Simulation Features
  • Added support for importing Gatan *.dm3 files*

*Only available in PDF-4 and PDF-5+ databases

SIeve/SIeve+ Features

SIeve:SIeve+ Features
  • Support for new file formats
    • Rigkau *.asc
    • Rigkau *.rasx
  • Hide irrelevant matches
  • Supports NIST SRM 660c as an internal standard
  • Single peak search
    • Select peak using the mouse
    • Search strong or long lines
    • User-defined error window
    • Useful for trace phase analysis

2D Diffraction Features*

2D Diffraction Features
  • 2D images are dynamically displayed when importing multiple files
  • Red vertical line indicates progress of pattern integration
  • Thumbnail preview images

*Only available in PDF-4 and PDF-5+ databases

PDF-5+ Server Edition
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