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ICDD’s PDF® Entry of the Month

Welcome to ICDD’s monthly interactive PDF entry email series! Every month you will be able to interact with a unique PDF entry from one of our 2022 PDF databases. Click on the icons, view patterns, get a 360° view of a 3D structure, and learn what a PDF entry has to offer.

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Use your mouse to hover over the interactive elements in the red sections of the PDF card and click to learn more.

Lithium Titanium Oxide: PDF Entry 00-049-0207

Barium Iron Oxide: PDF Entry 00-039-1433

Cellulose Iβ: PDF Entry 00-060-1502

Calcium Phosphate Hydroxide: PDF Entry 01-074-0565

Sodium Aluminum Silicon Oxide Hydrate (ZSM-5 (Na)): PDF Entry 04-017-8707

Graphene Oxide: PDF Entry 00-065-1528

Zinc Oxide: PDF Entry 00-36-1451

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