PDF-4+ ICDD PDF-4 Server Edition – NEW!

Extend the Power of Your Database – Built for Teams of Ten or More

Introducing a NEW
Network Shareable PDF
ICDD Server Edition Circles

Our workplaces and work habits have evolved from just a few years ago, and our new database licensing model provides the flexibility that large organizations and academics need to meet the varying demands of their clients, teams, and students.

Previously, our ICDD databases have all been tied to a single PC. But now for the first time, the PDF-4+ and PDF-4/Organics databases can float between users. We’ve taken the floating seat license model that has proven so popular from JADE® Pro and applied it to our two most powerful database products, PDF-4+ and PDF-4/Organics.

Install the databases on your server and on as many computers as you wish. A 10-User license provides access to 10 computers at a time and floats among an unlimited number of systems. Deployment to new hires is seamless. When it’s time for the latest database, your renewal is simplified with both products. Ensure everyone in your organization is using the latest set of data with one shared floating 10 or more seat licenses. Additional benefits occur when access is granted to occasional use individuals without any added cost to your bottom line.

Your IT department will be happy as updates are streamlined all while offering savings for your budget. If you need to provide access to 10 or more systems, please contact us at sales@icdd.com to consider how our new ICDD Server License would work best for your team.

PDF-4+ Organics

ICDD Server Edition – Database + JADE Pro!

The Analysis Software Professionals Choose

The power of JADE combined with PDF-4+ and PDF-4/Organics databases in a server license means a team can easily share a 10-seat license. The Server Edition can result in cost savings for your organization and a chance for you to extend the power to your team by providing access to BOTH the PDF databases and JADE to as many individuals as you want. All databases and software products offer the same functionality as the individual products. In coupling them in a 10 or more server license, important resources are available to more team members, and everyone is in sync, all while reducing costs.

Server Edition + JADE

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