Online Submission

Thank you for your interest in contributing your diffraction data to the ICDD®. Our online process allows for easy uploading of your diffraction data & crystallographic details to be considered for publication in the Powder Diffraction File™ (PDF®). Only certain crystallographic details are required, but please keep in mind that the more information provided, the stronger the submission, which increases the prospect of publication.

The ICDD accepts CIFs as well as other common file extensions (i.e. .hkl, .gsas, .txt, .out, .xy, etc.).

Please note that submission of data does not guarantee publication in the Powder Diffraction File. The pattern(s) will be put through a tiered editorial review evaluating both quality and uniqueness. We thank you for your contribution and cooperation in aiding our efforts to produce a more comprehensive and accurate Powder Diffraction File.

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