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California-based Materials Data has created XRD applications for over thirty years, enjoying a well-earned reputation for being pioneers of implementing new scientific ideas and novel approaches into our XRD Applications. We were the first to include Whole Pattern Fitting and Rietveld methods, long before others realized the impact. We were the earliest to create patterns from structures which showcased the importance of pattern simulation. We can claim the k-alpha cursor’s many uses as part of our contribution to the XRD community. We started out by building tools that we wished existed for ourselves and our fellow XRD community. We continue on this path today. Our products are used for analysis on every continent in the world (yes, even Antarctica) and across a broad spectrum of fields of research, education and exploration.

JADE® is everything you need for XRD Pattern Processing

MDI is best known for JADE and is used in labs wherever X-ray powder diffraction data are explored. MDI software works universally with every manufacturer of XRD equipment to help provide unbiased results.
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Quantify weight percentages and identify minor phases quickly and easily. JADE even automates these tasks as soon as you load your pattern.

Simulate patterns to created your own custom database. Better visualize a structure in dimension with motion. Visual cues throughout to better help you and your team understand the materials you are analyzing.

Sorting through lots of similar patterns is easier to find outliers with our extensive cluster toolset. Use cluster analysis to find emerging patterns across your data.

We make it easy to collaborate with others. With a flexible multi-seat license a large team can share a license across seats by determining the number of concurrent users. Additional savings can be achieved through a multi-year licensing plan that provides the benefit of always having up-to-date tools for your team.

Toolkit currently includes multiple utilities designed for JADE.

We know you’re busy, always learning new methods and that you need to work with others. We’ve built JADE around how you work today – to help you get your work done faster and to try out the latest ideas in the world of X-ray Diffraction.

Automate your analysis with JADE. In so many cases, it’s just one click and you’re done. Often these results are better than those an experienced analyst could report and in a more timely manner. At the very least our One Click Analysis™ serves as an excellent starting point for further in-depth analysis.

Sorting through lots of patterns is easier to find outliers with our cluster toolset.

The Standard version of JADE was created as an entry point for labs whose current research does not require the extra features found in the more encompassing and All-Inclusive Professional version of JADE. The Standard version of JADE is available in three different levels and is designed to enable feature expansion when more powerful and advanced analysis is desired. There is no annual renewal fee for these versions. Standard JADE is for use on single stand-alone workstations and does not include a floating-seat license.

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JADE is Multilingual


JADE is now available in both Chinese and Japanese as well as English. If Windows is running one of these languages, JADE will install in that language. Alternate language selection is made within JADE and may be changed at any time on the fly.

A multi-language version of JADE provides flexibility for a language-diverse team. Individuals sharing a JADE Pro license may choose which language they prefer to use without impacting another team member sharing the same license but preferring a different language.

For global entities with diverse geographic locations, a unified XRD analysis platform, independent of equipment or language, ensures consistent results throughout the organization.

JADE is relied upon for unbiased results around the world, and to reflect that global embrace, JADE has recently been translated to both Chinese and Japanese. Same product, same product number, now multilingual.

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“I have been using JADE for my research for more than 15 years. The program is well designed with very powerful functions for different structural analyses.”

– Wang Hay Kan

“ICDD PDF-4+ and JADE help us to perform phase identification and quantification with either RIR method, or whole-pattern fittings. The PDF-4+ and JADE are great software. Thus, I would recommend to each X-ray laboratory to purchase from ICDD.”

Husin Sitepu

“What I like about JADE is that it’s perhaps the easiest software among all the PXRD analyzing programs to use in daily research work. I like in particular, the “ Find Similar” function for identifying similar PXRD patterns from in-house PXRD pool. It’s a very fast searching algorithm and it gives very good hints to me on structural similarity, or relationship based on the similarity, of the PXRD patterns identified.”

– Dan Xie

“I began using JADE with very little XRD experience. Over time, I have learned to use many of its more advanced features. It is a very powerful, versatile software, that is simple enough for a beginner to use.”

– Ben Eldred

“JADE Pro, in conjunction with the PDF-4+, gives our company a new, different look at our material. JADE’s phase identification module and database functions are streamlined and user-friendly, making data mining extremely intuitive. In addition, its Whole Pattern Fitting module gives quick, reliable quantitative results.”

– Jessica Lyza

PDF-5+ & JADE Pro Bundle

Want even better results from your PDF-5+ database? Choose JADE as the software vehicle for your phase identification and quantitative analysis needs. With a beautiful and configurable interface, JADE has the most complete and accurate search algorithms that allow you to best utilize the PDF-5+ database.


  • Rapid phase identification designed to support automated quantitative analyses
  • Features 1,061,800+ entries, with over 586,700+ having atomic coordinates
    • 442,600+ entries for inorganic materials
    • 623,000+ entries for organic materials
  • Integrated data mining software
  • All entries have digital patterns for use in total pattern analysis
  • 956,600+ entries have I/Ic values for quantitative analysis by Reference Intensity Ratio
  • Combines powder and single crystal data
  • Includes crystalline, semi-crystalline and amorphous solid state materials
  • World’s largest and most diverse collection of structures for inorganic materials
  • Extensive data mining is facilitated with 137 display fields coupled with 83 searches
  • One (1) year license serviced by subscription


  • Reads All Vendor Pattern Files
  • Simulate Patterns from Crystal Structures
  • Profile Fitting with RIR Quant, Size and Strain
  • Batch Profile Fitting
  • Whole Pattern Based Search/Match (S/M)
  • Use Chemistry and Unit Cell Data in S/M
  • Minor and Trace Phase ID
  • WPF-Rietveld Refinement (Unlimited Phases)
  • Amorphous Content with/without Internal wt% Standards
  • Atomic Occupancy and Bond Distance Constraints
  • Size and Strain Analysis (Warren-Averbach)
  • Pattern Indexing (All Crystal Systems)
  • WPF and Rietveld Batch Processing
  • Rietveld Structure Refinement (Atomic Parameters)
  • Floating (Shareable) Network License

Purchase a new license for PDF-5+ and JADE Pro and receive a 15% discount with our Bundle!

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For over 30 years, The ICDD and MDI have worked together in a complementary manner since MDI began in 1987. The XRD community has trusted MDI to provide unbiased results and help interpret both the everyday and the difficult XRD data. We are proud of our products and the daily effort we put forth towards advancing the science of XRD. Materials Data creates XRD software applications to collect, analyze, and simulate XRD data. These products are here to help solve issues in an enormous array of materials science projects, and may be found in labs around the world with data collected on virtually every brand of XRD equipment.
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