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Congratulations to ICDD’s 2024 Fellow –
Nichole Wonderling

ICDD Fellow

The designation of Fellow is awarded by the ICDD Board of Directors to individuals who have given their time and talents beyond that normally associated with membership.

Selection Process

Nominations are solicited from the ICDD membership. Candidates must have served a minimum term of two years in one of the following positions: Board Director, Technical Regional Co-chair, Committee Chair, Technical Subcommittee Chair, or leader in a noteworthy ICDD activity. The Awards Committee reviews the nominations and recommends Fellow candidates to the ICDD Board of Directors.

Award Presentation

The Fellow Award is presented at the ICDD Annual Meeting of Members in March of each year or a suitable meeting. The award consists of a commemorative plaque, and the recipient’s travel expenses to the meeting, in accordance with ICDD’s Travel Policy.

Submission Process

ICDD members may initiate nominations by sending an explanation of why a candidate should be considered for the award to The Corporate Secretary at corpsec@icdd.com. The deadline for initiating a nomination is 1 September. After a nomination is initiated, the Awards Committee Chairman will provide instructions for full nominations, including what to address in the nomination statement and seconds to the nomination. A deadline for completed nominations will be provided.

Chairman, ICDD Awards Committee
c/o The Corporate Secretary
International Centre for Diffraction Data
12 Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square Corporate Campus
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3273 USA
Fax: 610.325.9823
Email: corpsec@icdd.com


Nominations must be initiated by 1 September for the next year’s award.



Nichole Wonderling
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Honoring her contributions to the ICDD, in particular as a Lead Instructor at the XRD Clinics; Chair of the Education Subcommittee, and for her dedication educating the materials characterization community.

Theo Siegrist

Theo Siegrist
FAMU-Florida State University, College of Engineering, USA

Honoring his contributions to the ICDD, in particularly as Chair of the Ceramics Subcommittee, and for his leadership in areas of crystal chemistry, structure-property relationships, and powder pattern development of state-of-the-art electronic materials in the ICDD Database.


Alina Bruma

Alina Bruma
AIP Publishing, NY, USA

Honoring her contributions to ICDD, in particular, her leadership as Chair of the Electron Diffraction Subcommittee where she led volunteers’ efforts on development, improvement and testing of ICDD’s Electron Diffraction product.


José Antonio Henao
University Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Honoring his contributions to ICDD, in particular, his leadership in actively supporting and facilitating ICDD’s mission and goals in the Latin American region.

Conal Murray

Conal Murray
IBM Watson Research Center, NY, USA

Honoring his contributions as a Member of the Denver X-ray Conference Organizing  Committee, his extensive efforts in advancing the conference in various ways, most notably, in attracting advanced users from synchrotron facilities, corporate labs and universities.


Ron Anderson

John Anzelmo

Larry Arias

Davor Balzar

Peter Bayliss

Detlef Beckers

Lawrence Bernstein

Richard C. Bostwick

Allan Brown

Alina Bruma

Xiaolong Chen

James Cline

Cyrus E. Crowder

Graciela C. D. de Delgado

Jose Miguel Delgado

Robert E. Dinnebier

Alwyn Eades

Gerhard R. Fischer

Mary F. Garbauskas

John Getty

Chris Gilmore

Herbert Goebel

Charlene Greenwood

Gregory P Hamill

Richard L. Harlow

George J. Havrilla

Bob He

Stephen Hillier

Helein D. Hitchcock

Takashi Ida

Nobuo Ishizawa

Howard Jones

Peter Lee

Matteo Leoni

Shao-Fan Lin

Lizhi Liu

Charlotte Lowe-Ma

José Antonio Henao Martínez

Toshimichi Matsukura

Isaac P. Mayer

Bill Mayo

Andrew M. McDonald

Ronald C. Medrud

Julian Messick**

Conal Murray

N. Sanjeeva Murthy

Monte C. Nichols**

Robert Papoular

Andrew Payzant

Vanessa Peterson

Jeffrey E. Post

Charles Prewitt

David Rafaja

Jordi Rius

Mark Rodriguez

T.N. Guru Row

Earle Ryba**

Ann Sabina

Paolo Scardi

Walter N. Schreiner

Carlo Segre

Roman Shpanchenko

Joseph V. Smith**

Scott Speakman

Gregory A. Stephenson

Matthew Suchomel

Harry G. Thielke**

Brian Toby

Hideo Toraya

Thomas Watkins

Bryan Wheaton

Pamela Whitfield

M. Stanley Whittingham

Fred Wireko

Shawn (Xiaotian) Yin

R.A. Young**

Mary Ann Zaitz

Peter Zavalij

Leo Zwell**


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