PPXRD-9 Presentations

February 2010 – Hilton Head Island, SC, USA

Presentation Title Authors
‣ The Amorphous State: A Structural Perspective Simon Bates – Aptuit Consulting, West Lafayette, IN, USA
‣ The Use of Field-Portable pXRD for the Rapid Identification of Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Products and Subsequent Excipient Identification and Quantification David Blake – NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, USA
‣ X-ray Powder Diffraction Database Tools for the Pharmaceutical Scientist: New Capabilities Cyrus E. Crowder –ICDD, Newtown Square, PA, USA
‣ PXRD with Raman Spectroscopy, DSC and IR DATA Chris Gilmore – University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
‣ Geometry, Polarization and Absorption Corrections for Two-Dimensional XRD Bob B. He – Bruker AXS, Inc., Madison, WI, USA
‣ PXRD Investigation of Changes in Dehydration Behavior of 7-Methoxy-1-Methyl-5-(4-(Trifluoromethyl)Phenyl)-[1,2,4]Triazolo[4,3-A]Quinolin-4-Amine Hydrate After Micronization Feirong Kang – GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, PA, USA
‣ Patenting Crystalline Forms of Pharmaceuticals – Using Solid State Science to Claim Form & Substance Jeffrey A. Lindeman – J.A. Lindeman & Co. PLLC, McLean, VA, USA
‣ Polymorphs in PDF-4/Organics 2010  Fangling Needham – ICDD, Newtown Square, PA, USA
‣ Amorphous Basics Ann Newman – Seventh Street Development Group, Lafayette, IN, USA
‣ Drug Product Characterization: What Form Do I Have? Ann Newman – Seventh Street Development Group, Lafayette, IN, USA
‣ Ab Initio Crystal Structure Determination of Two Polymorphic Modifications of an Anesthetic Agent, Tetracaine Hydrochloride, Using a Combination of Molecular Modeling and Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction Techniques Robert Papoular – Leon Brillouin Laboratory, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
‣ Structure Studies of Disordered Pharmaceutical Materials by High-Energy X-ray Diffraction and Atomic Pair Distribution Function Analysis Valeri Petkov – Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
‣ Easy Access to Synchrotron Powder Diffraction on Pharmaceuticals Brian H. Toby – APS, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA
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