PPXRD-12 - was held at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China from 20-24 May 2013.

The International Centre for Diffraction Data is pleased to announce... that PPXRD-12 was a success. Learn all PPXRD-12

Creating a forum for the exchange of knowledge and cutting-edge ideas among those interested in the combined fields of XRD and pharmaceutical sciences. Sponsored by the International Centre for Diffraction Data.

XRD Training for the Pharmaceutical Scientist!




PPXRD 11 presentations




PPXRD-13 - 18-21 May 2015 

Schwarzwald Panorama
Bad Herrenalb, Germany

Topics Include: (tentative)

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Formulation & Product Development
  • Polymorph, Salt Screening & Co-crystals
  • Complementary Techniques
  • Amorphous, Activated and Nanomaterials
  • New Frontiers in XRD for Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  • XRPD Techniques/Rietveld Refinement
  • Non-Ambient Powder X-ray Diffraction
  • Patent and Regulatory Issues