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Exhibit Space Opens: February 2017
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 March 2017
Program available: April 2017


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PPXRD-15: Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium

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A satellite meeting to the 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography - IUCr 2017
18-20 August 2017, Hyderabad, India

This symposium is designed to create a forum for the exchange of knowledge and cutting-edge ideas among those interested in the combined fields of X-ray Diffraction (XRD), including synchrotron, and pharmaceutical sciences.

Day 1 will be a workshop covering powder XRD applications for pharmaceutical product development. Days 2-3 will have two and one-half days of technical presentations related to the analysis of pharmaceutical materials.

Topics will include:

  • Qualitative Phase Analysis with XRPD
  • Quantitative Phase Analysis: Single-peak, Whole-Pattern Methods and Beyond
  • Amorphous, Mesomorphous and Nano Materials
  • Non-Ambient Powder X-ray Diffraction
  • New Developments/Complementary Techniques
  • Formulation and Product Development
  • Polymorph, Salt and Co-crystal Screening
  • Crystal Structure Prediction, Elucidation and Verification from Powder Diffraction Data

This satellite symposium will provide the opportunity for industrial, academic, and government scientists to hear from leading experts in the area of diffraction methods for pharmaceutical materials characterization. Fundamental, intermediate, and advanced techniques will be presented that will useful for application in all laboratory settings.

Contact: Denise Zulli (ICDD),, for more information

XRD Training for the Pharmaceutical Scientist!

Sponsored by the International Centre for Diffraction Data.